Our mission is to revolutionize precision medicine with novel technologies at the nanoscale, enabling the clinician to make informed decisions in the treatment of their patients.

About Us

Lipid Nanotech LLC was established after winning the 2012 Innolevation competition at Florida State University sponsored by the Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship and Florida State University College of Business. We are headquartered out of Tallahassee, Florida and work in collaboration with the Lenhert lab at Florida State University. Lipid Nanotech LLC aim to utilize breakthrough nanointaglio technology to create a strong pipeline of products and services focused on allowing the clinician to screen drug treatment options directly on patient cells.

A critical aspect of precision medicine involves tailoring of medical treatment to the specific characteristics of each patient. Limited patient samples and associated high costs have impeded the application of high throughput platforms to precision medicine.

We will address these issues by employing nanointaglio to fabricate chips of arrays of drugs approved for treatment of specific diseases. The chips which we call LiMiT will be compatible with standard lab subculture and assay techniques and will be used in screening large numbers of drugs directly on patient cell samples. This approach should make personalized medicine widely accessible to most clinicians and provide a useful companion diagnostic and treatment tool for doctors.

our team

David Ralin

Chief Executive Officer

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Dr.Aubrey Kusi-Appiah

Chief Scientific Officer

Ph.D. at Florida State University working directly under Dr. Steven Lenhert

Primary scientist & first author on all publications related to application of nanointaglio-fabricated microarrays to cell culture

Co-inventor on all patents arising from the application of nanointaglio to cell culture.

Expert on encapsulation of small molecules into lipids for surface based delivery to cells.

Product specialist experience with Safrik Medical Supplied Ltd., local affiliate of Johnson & Johnson in Ghana.


Nicholas Vafai


BS Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Tech ‘10

Currently pursuing a PhD in Biological Science and MBA from Florida State University

o  Research involving lipid microarray technology for cell migration assays

o   Data analytics concentration from College of Business

Thomas Arnold


Graduate Researcher at University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine (Current)

o   Howard Hughes Medical Interface scholar

o   Research in medical imaging and bioengineering

BS in Biological science & Mathematics from Florida state University ’14

o   Research in 3D shape analysis

Researcher/ Lab Manager 2014-2017

o   Software development for image processing on High Performance Computing Cluster

o   Management and scheduling of researchers

o   Research in network analysis of coarse neural imaging

Sohail Merchant


Medical Doctorate (MD) degree from American University of Antigua College of Medicine (Current)

BS in Biology from Florida State University ‘13

Entrepreneurial Excellence Program Certification from Tallahassee Economic Development Council

Dr. Steven Lenhert

AI Expert

coming soon


Product will be an array of drugs tailored to specific disease.

Patient biopsy will be obtained, and cells will be cultured over the array of drugs.

Desired assays (including fluorescence and morphological) will be performed on the cells to determine which drug or drug combinations best suit the specific patient.

LiMiT Chip

Thousands of drugs and drug-combinations can potentially be screened against a single patient’s primary cells obtained through biopsy. Individual drugs and drug-combinations can be encapsulated in lipid droplets and arrayed on a culture surface. Up to 50, 000 combinations can be tested on the area of a microtiter plate.